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Spring is in the air

In the 1980s we were looking for alternative crops to plant in addition to our corn and soybeans. Visiting with our county Farm Advisor one day, he mentioned alfalfa and asparagus. Bill was interested in the alfalfa and Ruth the asparagus and they began gathering information. With the acquisition of some hay equipment Bill's enterprise was off and running. It wasn't until 1989 that they planted their first acre of asparagus with the next two acres to follow in 1990. They used predominately male crowns -- hybrid varieties developed at Rutgers University. After a few years Bill and Bill, Jr, with the welding assistance of their neighbor in the Powellton Garage built a harvest aid -- a machine where the driver steers with his/her feet and a seat low to the ground and two wings which can be put down so three people can pick at the same time, a great time and back saver!!


Greetings Asparagus Lovers!
We promised to let you know when we had one week of harvest left, but several circumxtances made us uncertain when that would be. We had quite a few orders and all of a sudden not much asparagus. But production has increased enough so we can go to Keokuk Farmers Market today(Sat, 6/2) and have 1-2 pounds for each of you as long as the supply lasts. We will not pick beyond this weekend. Please call before you come. We appreciate your friendship and your business and look forward to seeing you one last time this season and/or next season. Feel free to pass this information on to any costomers you know don't have email.
Thank you for a great season!
Bill and Ruth Newton
Newton Farms
Downtown Powellton
1210 E County Road 2300
Burnside, Illinois 62330

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